Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yum, yum, yum!

Cate began eating cereal right before she turned 5 months old. She was not a fan at first, but has learned to love it. She looks like a little baby bird eating. She immediately swallows and her mouth is already open before we can spoon the next bite.

The first vegetable we gave her was around 5 months, and we started with sweet potatoes. She got all excited about it, I think because she thought it was more cereal. She took the first bite with excitement, and then gave me a look like, "What are you doing to me?" She looked like I would if I ate a spoonful of dirt. Each bite her mouth opened wide for more, and each time she was genuinely surprised that it was not cereal. She got used to it, and now loves sweet potatoes!

Next we tried green beans, and they were harder to get her to like. The 3rd day of green beans I was alternating beans with cereal (bite of beans, bite of cereal, etc) and it was working pretty well. At some point, she caught on and when I would put the spoon into the bean bowl she would start whining. Eventually, she just got flat out MAD and started crying her eyes out. I think this coincided with her ear infection and not feeling well, but I am glad to introduce the next veggie.

Carrots are a hit! She cannot get enough of them. She never missed a beat. She ate the whole jar in about 4 minutes. We can't wait to give her more :)

Below is Cate eating cereal. You can't really see it on her in this pic, but she is a mess everytime she eats!!

This is the face she had the whole time we were feeding her the carrots. She absolutely LOVES them! I hope her love for veggies will continue.


Cate got sick for the first time when she was in her 5th month. It started with a runny nose, undoubtedly from daycare, and stayed runny for a few weeks. The doctor said not to worry about it unless her demeanor changed or a fever started. On Sunday, October 9th she was kindof fussy all day, which is not like her. I decided to take Monday off to be with her since she didn't feel well. On Monday, I went to wake her up (which is so sweet and fun normally) and she looked at me and burst into tears. I picked her up, and could tell she had a fever.

The doctor said she had two ear infections and gave her amoxicillin. After 4 days, it wasn't working and she was still unhappy. Scott took her back to the doctor and they gave her another antibiotic. Within one day, she was her happy self, which we missed very much :)

Below is a picture of that sweet pitiful girl when she was not feeling well! It makes your heart melt!

Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Months

At 5 months, Cate is very close to rolling over, but can't seem to get that last arm out from under her. She can sit up on her own for the most part, but does end up lopping over on her side or face. She laughs out loud all the time now, and it is the sweetest sounds. She loves when her mommy kisses her face and feet, loves when daddy gives her "zerberts" on her belly, and also enjoys singing with us. Her favorite song is "Wheels on the Bus". When Mommy pauses between verses, she starts smiling and laughing, anticipating what will come next! She is so very happy and sleeps so well. We couldn't ask for a better baby girl.

These pictures are kind of grainy, because I tried to make them larger. Sorry!

This was a morning before school. Right when the weather started to change. Of course, she DID wear pants to school.

I call this one "Little Buddha". Look how sweet that face is :)

These were taken outside at Grana and Grandaddy's yard sale. She LOVES being outside, and it is so much fun to take her out now that the weather is not so hot. Fall is her mommy's favorite season, so maybe it will be hers as well.

4 months

At 4 months old, Cate was introduced to Mommy and Daddy's favorite past time: FOOTBALL! She also began getting more attached to her "best friends". She has: Akbar, which is the octopus on her activity mat, Meep the Sheep who is her cuddle buddy, and Susan P who rides with her wherever we go in the car. At four months, she was weighing in around 13 pounds. She was 75% weight, 75% head, and 50% height. I guess she is taking after her Mama :)

Here is a picture of her dressed up for her first Georgia game. Those dawgs didn't win, but we love them anyway!

This is just one of my favorite pictures of her! So adorable!

Here she is asleep with Meep. Luckily, she is starting to play more in her pack n play as well as sit in her swing, etc. It makes for a much easier time letting mommy and daddy do a few things around the house :)

3 months

I am trying to be better about updating, but I can't really remember anything significant that happened at 3 months. She was just still an adorable, happy, well-rested baby :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 12

12 weeks marked a big day for our family- mommy and daddy both went back to work. Scott and I were blessed to stay home with Cate for 3 months. While sometimes it was tough, overall it was a bonding experience we will never forget. It was so very special to have all of that time with our baby girl (as sleep-deprived as it was).

Cate started sleeping through the night 2 days before we went back to work. What a blessing! Her first day was good. She gets a "report card" every day and she slept and ate very well her first day. Mommy, not so much. I cried when she left (Scott takes her to daycare), I cried in the car, and I cried every time my sweet co-workers asked how I was. I brought lots of pictures to share, so it was a nice distraction showing her off. I left work so quickly, I was almost running to my car. I cried again when I picked her up that day ;)

Here are some pictures of her at 12 weeks.... so precious, as usual!!!

I got Scott a "Baby Bjorn" carrier for Father's Day. At first Cate was NOT a fan, but she is now really starting to enjoy all her stuff more. She is better in the swing, her vibrating chair, and her Baby Bjorn. She loves to walk around and look up at you as she travels. I do not know HOW babies know the difference between rocking them while you stand versus rocking them while you sit, but she needs to be standing. ;)

A lot of times, we feel like Cate looks so different in so many pictures. I just wanted to add this one because she looks so darn beautiful in it :) This was taken at a restaurant that had a waterfall by the door. As you can tell, she was mesmerized.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 11

In week 11, Cate really started becoming more open to being in places other than our arms :) Her Grana got her this chair from Ikea, called a "Spoilin' Chair". This is also the picture that I love because I think she looks a lot like me from my baby pictures. She definitely has both of our attributes, me from the nose up and Scott's mouth and chin. We still don't know how we made such a beautiful baby. But, I guess all parents think their child is gorgeous :)